Build Dashboards. Fast.

Build Dashboards. Fast.

You can build clean & advanced Tableau Dashboards in a few clicks

Tableau Infrastructure

Why would you need it?

Tableau is a great tool for building nice & interactive dashboards quickly and easily. However, when your dashboard grows in size, it becomes tricky to manage the increasing complexity of calculations, filters & actions.

By automating the creation of calculations, worksheets & dashboards, you can save yourself some time and also ensure that dashboard complexity is kept under control.

How Does It Work?

  1. 1
    Upload a .twb file

    By uploading your .twb you give the app access to the data model of your datasource. No credentials are shared through this step.

  2. 2
    Go through the settings

    A series of steps to guide you through the creation of your dashboard. You can save time by saving common settings such as styling or logos.

  3. 3
    Enjoy your dashboard!

    Download your new .twb file and see if it fits your expectations. Go back and forth to the app to tweak the details until you are satisfied.

In more details

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Upload a .twb file

Create a new .twb connected to your datasource and save it. Upload this file to our platform, the datamodel will be scanned and no credentials will be shared. Make sure you don't upload any extracted data.


Define your measures

Define the measures you envision for your dashboard. Most calculations such as SUM(), AVG() or COUNTD() are supported & you can combine multiple measures together.

Tableau dashboard measure selector
Tableau dashboard dimensions selector


Define your dimensions

On the 2nd step, you will define the dimensions you need for your dashboard.


Change your styling

Upload your logo, change the colors, font, margin & add a custom navigation bar if you want. You can also pick from a library of designs or let the app guess an appropriate combination of colors.

Tableau dashboard styling
Tableau dashboard header


Setup your dashboard header

Customize the header for all of your dashboard pages. Choose some filters and decide which time selector design to use. Some time selectors are best fit for monthly data while others are fit for daily data.


Organise your pages

Choose from a library of page structure & charts. You can add multiple pages & combine page blocks together to create unique page designs.

Automatic Tableau dashboard generation


Enjoy your dashboard

Download the .twb file which is generated and open it in Tableau Desktop. You can go back and forth between all of the steps above to tweak your dashboard settings until you are happy with the result :)

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