Supercharge Tableau with your Marketing data

Supercharge Tableau with your Marketing data

Datapony imports data from your favorite digital marketing APIs to Tableau

Tableau Infrastructure
Data analysis made easy

Want to leverage your Tableau environment by integrating marketing data?

Connecting web data served by APIs into Tableau requires extensive programming and is time consuming. With Datapony, all your marketing data will flow seamlessly to your own Tableau Server.

All your data in your own Tableau Server

Compare the data you already analyze in Tableau with your brand new digital marketing data. Datapony helps you maximize the use of your Tableau environment by importing various data sources from web marketing APIs.

Scheduled refreshes

Set refresh intervals to your own preferences and compare latest data on self-refreshing Tableau dashboards. You’ll alway be able to access fresh data from your favorite web APIs.

Integrate marketing analytics alongside your existing Tableau projects

What if you could have marketing data flow directly to your Tableau Server alongside your existing datasources?

Automatic dashboard generation

On top of that Datapony comes with an automatic Tableau dashboard generation feature. That’ll help you create Tableu dashboard within a few clicks and visualize data instantly.

On-demand consulting

We made sure that you can hire our Tableau consultants flexibly through our web app. Get support to customize Dashboards or develop Tableau Extensions for you.

Marketing data connectors for Tableau
Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard

Not a Tableau customer yet?

For those of you who are not Tableau customers, we can offer to manage everything on our own servers so you don't have to learn Tableau.

The Datapony platform will give us a safe environment in which we can exchange ideas about your project and from where we can work for you.

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