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Data Analysis made easy

Want to become a data-driven business?

Datapony lets you connect all your favorite digital marketing tools together and generate powerful dashboards within minutes.

Create marketing dashboards in a few clicks

With Datapony you are able to create Tableau dashboards yourself. Set up the requirements for your analysis in our web app, connect to your favorite data sources and generate dashboards in a handful of clicks.

On demand consultancy

As your business grows you might find yourself in a position where you need tailor-made dashboards or want to move on with your own Tableau Server. Datapony will stay compatible with your Tableau infrastructure and we can assist you with on-demand data consultancy.

Consultancy in Data Analysis


Discover the features behind Datapony

Ready-to-use Data infrastructure

Tableau is easy to get started with. However if you don't want to install and maintain an environment, you can always be set up on our own servers.

Dashboard templates

Even for most skilled experts, creating Tableau dashboards takes time. With Datapony, you'll have access to professional templates to save yourself time and the hassle to learn Tableau.

Marketing Data connectors

Tableau is great for business intelligence but there are not so many marketing connectors. That is why we built them for you.

Merging data sources

Want to connect all your favorite tools into a single dashboard? No problem - Datapony provides connectors to several marketing data sources and merges them for you within a few clicks.

How to get started

How to get started

Getting started with Datapony is easy. Simply register and you'll have a ready-to-use Tableau Server hosted on our environment in a few seconds that will be configured to work with Datapony's connectors and dashboards. But if owning your own Tableau Server is the way to go, we will be happy to assist you to become a Tableau customer.

  1. 1 - Register

    Register yourself on our platform. Where we can exchange and contact you.

  2. 2 - Onboarding call

    Time to discuss your needs, talk about data volume, pricing, and decide if you should you buy your own Tableau licences.

  3. 3 - Start your analytics journey

    Sync your web marketing tools with our platform and let data flow and merge in intuitive dashboards either on your own Tableau infrastructure or on ours.


Hire our consultants at will?

Building a business intelligence dashboard is a one-time job which does not often justify hiring a fulltime resource.

If you need help to create your very own custom dashboards, you can contract us by the hour. We can modify existing dashboards, give recommendations, do data-preparation, and so many other things. That's how we make sure you make the most of what Tableau Software Business Intelligence can offer.

Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard Exemple

Are you already a Tableau customer?

Even if you already are a Tableau customer, we have some interesting features for you.

The Datapony platform will give us a safe environment in which we can exchange ideas about your project and from where we can work for you.

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