Tableau Supercharged

Tableau Supercharged

Go to the next level with your Data Infrastructure by integrating Tableau with your systems - and a lot more

Tableau Infrastructure
Data analysis made easy

We can supercharge your Tableau environment

We have knowledge about how to build extensive systems in Tableau Environments. Do you want a custom Excel Export capability? A cool looking data selector or a deep integration within your existing systems? We can help develop the features you've dreamed of in record time.

Automating Dashboard generation

We know using Tableau is time-consuming even for advanced users. Datapony comes packaged with a automatic dashboard generation feature based upon your own templates.

Programming in Tableau

Tableau has opened so many APIs it has become a world of possibilities for Web Developers and we can help you go through these possibilities. Tableau's API for the web can integrate Tableau into your website or web app and so much more.

Tableau APIs

Supercharge your Tableau Environment with tailor-made add-ons

Tableau Extensions API
Tableau Extension API

Do you want to have a custom Data Export directly from your dashboards? A dynamic parameter based on your data? A data input from within the dashboard itself? Tableau Extensions now offer a world of possibilities for you.

Tableau Server REST API

Do you struggle integrating your Tableau Server within your existing systems? The Tableau Server REST API is vast and virtually allows anyone to develop it's own Business Intelligence system on top of Tableau.

Tableau Server REST API

Tableau Web Data Connectors
Tableau Web Data Connectors

Is there a custom Web Datasource you would like to connect to from your Tableau environment? Maybe we could develop a special Web Data Connector just for you!

Tableau Document API

Do you want to analyse how your Dashboards are created and discover patterns to improve your best practices? We can develop scripts that scan your Tableau dashboards using the Tableau Document API.

Tableau Document API

Tableau Javascript API
Tableau Javascript API

Ever wanted to integrate your dashboards in your existing website or Web App? We can advise you on how to use the Tableau Javascript API properly.

Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard

Need a complex Tableau Dashboard?

Even if you already are a Tableau customer, you can still outsource the creation of your Tableau Dashboards to us.

The Datapony platform will give us a safe environment in which we can exchange ideas about your project and from where we can work for you.

Our data highway also works in reverse. If you are not happy with our service or don't want to leave your data on our platform, you can always fully remove your data from our servers and integrate your new dashboards on your own infrastructure.

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