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A centralized data analytics platform that gives you a better understanding about your company.

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Data Analysis made easy

Want to become a data-driven business?

Use data analysis to make more informed business decisions. Datapony will connect your data sources and build KPI dashboards that are as unique as your business.

Externalize your data analysis

At Datapony, experienced data engineers and analysts work together to visualize your data on an intuitive web-platform. Analyzing your data with Datapony is as simple as it can be.

Try our automatic dashboard generation feature

To quickly analyze your data you don't always need a custom dashboard. That is why Datapony comes packaged with an automatic dashboard generation feature for everyone. Try it out!

Consultancy in Data Analysis

Our Services

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Access to data infrastructure

Datapony provides a simple and reliable data infrastructure. Uploading your data and analyzing it is as easy as it can be.

Data advisory

Not sure how data analysis affects your business? Datapony helps you visualize the data that serves as a basis for more informed business decisions.

Data preparation

Ahh, those evil excel sheets are badly formated? We know that data prep is a pain, which is why we happily take it off your hands.

Merging data sources

Comparing Mailchimp data with your latest website traffic? No problem. Our data engineers merge all existing data sources for you and present them in informative dashboards.

Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard Exemple

Need help with a Tableau Dashboard?

Even if you already are a Tableau customer, you can still ask us for help.

The Datapony platform will give us a safe environment in which we can exchange ideas about your project and from where we can work for you.

You can always run the Datapony infrastructure next to your own Tableau infrastructure.

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