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Ready to improve your sales strategy, nail your product messaging or track down your latest advertising campaign? Datapony gets you going with result oriented data analytics projects based on Tableau.

Not enough time for data analysis?

Our online platform reduces the time required for data analytics projects to a minimum. After you gave us access to your data, our team of data scientists will start working on it right away.

Data analysis seems out of reach?

Hiring a team of data analysts can prove costly or unproductive. Don’t worry - We got you covered. Datapony is a transparent and affordable data consultancy that makes data analysis accessible to SMEs


Tableau dashboard generation

Upload your data and generate a Tableau dashboard within seconds.

Take advantage of our library of ready-to-use dashboards in order to analyse your data.

Build the dashboard automatically or have it being built for you by our Tableau consultants.

Set up alerts and recurring email reports.

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The Aha! moment your business needs

Datapony will not simply help you to cross-analyze your data, we will style it up and present it in an appealing Tableau dashboard. Adjustable attributes, dimensions and business segments will help you uncover meaningful insights that might lead to the big Aha!


Once your dashboard has been created, you can effortlessly view it with Tableau through our online platform. Lean back, focus on what matters to your business and our data scientists will drive your data.

Simple and online

Datapony serves clients all over the world. Our mission is to create the best customer experience in the consulting industry. We value your time and make sure you won’t feel a disadvantage over working with local consultants.


How we work

We integrated Tableau into a ready-to-use platform that serves as a data highway between you and our data scientists. You can now transfer data to our data scientists seamlessly and securely.

Built with proven technology

We integrated Tableau along with other technologies into a single platform we can manage for you. This is how we assure that we’ll find the insights that matter most for your company.

Data-Expertise for your business

Would you rather spend your time on your business than on complex data projects? Then outsourcing your data analysis strategy to Datapony is a great plan.

Secure & Protected

GDPR is launched and we take this very seriously. With full transparency we assure that your data is securely stored. We sign Data Sharing agreements to each of our customers to make sure you will always keep the ownership of your data. Our servers are protected against DDoS attacks from the Cloudflare network.


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