When should I hire a Tableau consultant?

When should I hire a Tableau consultant?

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When should I hire a Tableau consultant and what are the costs?

Anyone who has dealt with Tableau before, has certainly recognized the variety and depth of the program. Although Tableau is comparatively intuitive, most of the analyzes require in-depth knowledge of Data structures, as well as expertise in Tableau. On average, data analysts need about three to four years to use Tableau before they can call themselves skilled. And in order to hire a freelance Tableau expert you should expect an hourly rate of at least 100USD. However, on freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr, there are also some analysts who charge $75 per hour or less with lower experience.

Depending on the intended level of detail of the project, even less experienced analysts can perform the required tasks. In general, however, real expertise has a cost. One should not forget that the analyst's salary costs doesn’t include any installation and license costs. Of course, this does not matter if you already use Tableau on a local or external system. Fortunately, license prices dropped dramatically in June 2018 driven by a fierce competition by Power BI.

Tableau freelance has a usually high cost

Datapony customers, for example, only have to pay for the labor costs of the employed analysts. This cost factor is included in the price of the pro subscription and not charged individually. There are also no additional costs for the installation or the Tableau license.

Managing data projects without a Tableau consultant

Because Tableau makes getting started for aspiring analysts pretty easy, simple analysis can be done by almost everyone. When it comes to just creating simple charts from well formatted data, technically skilled people are usually able to take over the use of Tableau for a project. However, when analyses grow in complexity, you will soon discover you should get external help. Help in the form of formation or of external consultancy. Concepts such as LODs, Table calculations, Context, data structure or performance issues are topics which require a real expertise that a beginner won’t bring.

The help can be obtained on a freelance or fixed basis, depending on one‘s project and budget. Just like with any project, it is recommended that you work with a freelancer or service provider consistently on a long term basis. Only then all parts of a project can work optimally, which in the end also ensures the best results.

Planning the BI project

Datapony is build with proven bricks of technology

For entrepreneurs without a plan to run a business intelligence project, working with experts is highly recommended. If there is no real plan about the whole process of starting a Tableau project, people with business intelligence experience are the right contact persons. Experts can advise companies on the feasibility and optimal dimensions of a project and thus ensure its success. We recommend to discuss a project with several contacts in order to get the best result.

Where can I find competent Tableau consultants?

A good place for freelance Tableau experts are freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. Datapony also includes four hours of consulting in its Pro version, which makes it easy to start a BI project. A Datapony subscription makes a lot of sense over several months, because our customers receive an individual contact person. You can always come back to them during the cooperation and clarify any questions.

Datapony is available free of charge in a trial version. There, all functions of the automatic dashboard creation can be tested for seven days.

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