Datapony - A Business Intelligence tool for small business

Datapony - A Business Intelligence tool for small business

parJulien Godenir


A few questions to Julien Godenir, founder of Datapony.

What is Datapony ?

Datapony is a data analysis platform based on Tableau Software, enriched with a layer of services and expertise. The data is hosted on our servers in the geographical area of your choice and our experts intervene at your request to build the analyses relevant to your company. In a nutshell, Datapony is the outsourcing of your Business Intelligence.

What is the Datapony's mission ?

Simplify access to data analysis for the masses.

How can your product be of service to your customers??

Datapony allows users not to worry about IT issues. It is no longer necessary to invest ones time in learning a new software tool such as Tableau. The basic idea is to keep the technology tool in the hands of people who know how to use. By doing so, we maximise its capabilities to bring you value. Our clients simply have to give us access to their data and explain their problematics, the rest is managed by Datapony.

What are the challenges your users usually face?

Users do not always know what benefits can be achieved with the data at their disposal. If they decide to invest in Business Intelligence, they often need to undergo intensive training in a technical tool that they do not fully master if they don't have a technical background.

Using ready-to-use dashboards on an infrastructure already in place, they do not have to go through the difficulties of training. If their needs are too specific or too complex, they can always mandate our experts to carry out the analyses directly for them. They no longer need to invest their time in learning a technical tool and thus can focus on their Business.

Why did you launch Datapony ?

In my previous experiences, I realised how beneficial a Tableau-based Business Intelligence platform could be in the business travel industry. Since this approach can be replicated virtually for all industries, I have sought to build a generic platform usable by anyone.

Data analysis will always have a cost. For each company there is a threshold from which it becomes interesting for them to invest in data analysis. However, at the moment, this threshold is relatively high because it is costly in time and money. And costs do not come from software licences as one would expect… Costs mainly come from the infrastructure and from employees who use the software, who have to be extensively trained. The mission of Datapony is to lower this threshold so that SMEs can also benefit from the power of a tool as Tableau at the best price.

According to you, what difficulties do companies meet running alone in data analysis?

I can try to list them in the following way:

  • A misunderstanding of what the tool does can sometimes lead to performance problems at best, erroneous analyses at worst.
  • The price of a Tableau licence is today very affordable but the qualified people on the tool are very expensive. Intensive training is required to master a Business Intelligence tool. It is not by chance that there are real Tableau competitions like the Iron Viz.
  • IT infrastructure is often a big cost. The simplicity of a project is impacted by the interaction with IT teams
  • Even with a mastery of Tableau, it can take several hours to an expert to realize a complete dashboard. But Datapony Provides starting bases for use in a few seconds.
  • What benefits can Datapony bring to my business?

    By outsourcing Your Business Intelligence to Datapony, you will avoid having to go through the difficulties of learning how to use and implement tools like Tableau. At Datapony, tools and infrastructure are in the hands of people who know how to use them for your own benefit. Let us handle the technical issues and let’s have you focus on your business.

    Automatic dashboard generation is a small feature appreciated to start with a Tableau dashboard in a few seconds. And if this option is not enough, you will have access to ½ free monthly consulting day that you can use to make us realize the custom dashboards you imagined.

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