How to start with Tableau in SMEs and Startups

How to start with Tableau in SMEs and Startups

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Most SMEs and startups realize that data analytics is not only useful for large corporations. It can often be observed that startups that evaluate their data efficiently are successful in the long run.

In the area of business intelligence, there is great potential to better allocate business resources through newly gained knowledge and to optimize the efficiency of your company. Tableau is considered a good choice for conducting business intelligence projects, even though the complexity of the tool makes it difficult for many SMEs and start-ups to get started.

Getting started with Tableau, what should SMEs and startups pay attention to?

If you are a small business owner and decide to carry out a business intelligence project with Tableau, there are basically two options to get started:

  • Learning how to use Tableau

  • Hiring freelancers or consultancies

  • If you decide to learn Tableau yourself, have a look at the large video database on This serves best as a broad ressource for GeoViz, Level of Detail calculations, Visual Analytics and other features in Tableau. Various e-learning platforms also offer courses about Tableau, which can help you learn. In addition, YouTube tutorials and blog posts can be used to visualize and acquire skills through active learning. Our favourite ressource for interesting Tableau blog posts are published here:

    The Information Lab UK

    However, due to the time it takes to master Tableau, it makes little sense to learn it as a small business owner or startup / SME founder to start a Business Intelligence project. Many entrepreneurs underestimate that it needs training for months, possibly also for many years, in order to control Tableau well. Therefore, it makes more sense to hire data analysts who have been trained in tableau and who have sufficient experience in dealing with data.

    Tableau Desktop operated by Datapony

    What does it cost to hire freelance Tableau data analysts?

    Since data science can only be learned over a long period of time, not too many freelancers have enough experience in it to lead a business intelligence project alone. Basically, many alleged experts don't have as much knowledge about business data as they advertise. If a data analyst is not Tableau-licensed for various reasons, he or she should be able to provide attractive references This ensures that the BI project is taken over by an expert who is really familiar with the subject.

    You have to calculate with relatively high costs depending on the effort and formatting of the data to be analyzed. Good data analysts can be contracted from about 500€ per day. A Business Intelligence project with smaller dimensions can thus lead to 1000€ or 1500€ in total costs.

    If a data project requires intensive data formatiing, one can multiply the costs by the factor 1,5. Larger companies with complex data structures can also expect considerably higher costs. It should also be mentioned that experienced data analysts are usually also more expensive. Daily rates of up to 2500€ are not unusual. As a rule, the costs correlate with the effort required to carry out the analyses. For direct implementations in local databases, higher costs are to be expected.

    What service does Datapony offer for startups that want to start a Tableau project?

    Datapony is a great solution for entrepreneurs who don't want to deal directly with data analysts or learn tableau skills. We primarily focus on efficiency. Datapony is a data analytics platform that offers automatic dashboard creation based on Tableau. In addition, SMEs and startups have direct access to a team of data scientists.

    This allows data analytics projects to be carried out within a very short time and at a competitive price. Additionally, our customer service is available to accompany users through the analysis process.


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